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Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. (ACS) is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran owned and staffed company. We recruit, train and integrate Veterans into selected industries.  Our focus is on presenting exciting, yet stable careers that provide security for the Veterans and their families.  Our multifaceted services provide innovative methods to assist businesses with in growing and improving their workforce.  What is similar amongst every member of the ACS team is a focus on providing opportunities for Veterans who seek to earn their own success as they transition out of the military.

ACS Culture

As many Veterans experience, transitioning into the civilian world can be quite difficult, especially when one is not surrounded by other Veterans. Some Veterans transition better than others, but regardless, all of us feel a lack of camaraderie. This is why Adaptive Construction Solutions has implemented a program where Veterans train together and continue to work in crews together throughout their careers. As Veterans complete sections of the NCCER training program, they are then able to mentor new Veteran apprentices integrating into the program. This preserves a sense of duty towards each other and fosters a strong relationship and bond between coworkers, mentors and management.

Community Outreach

The president of ACS, Nicholas Morgan believes that for a Veteran to have a smooth integration into civilian life they must find a way to continue to serve their community. ACS has completed two successful disaster response missions in its first six months of business. The company has ambitious plans to develop its capabilities to respond in the future to those in need.

The ACS Team

Nicholas Morgan
Founder & President

Veteran, US Army. Nick understands that transitioning Veterans thrive in team oriented environments built on trust. He says, "many of us underestimate the value of the relationships that we made during our service. ACS is working hard to create that workplace culture conducive for the success of Veterans."

Carlos Pulido
Executive Vice President

Veteran, USMC. Carlos has been involved with Silkies Hikes and Cigar Nights for Vets. He says, "Through my struggles with transitioning, I am thankful I can steer other Veterans in the right direction, because I know they can be successful and have a network of Veterans and resources."

Danny Mitchell
Recruiting Manager

Veteran, US Army. Danny found ACS through a colleague in the military, who is also an employee. He says, "I am excited about ACS because I have the opportunity to work with Veterans on a daily basis. It's more than just mere contact with Vets, it's providing meaningful employment for those who need it and deserve it the most."

Susana Salgado
Payroll and Accounting Coordinator

Civilian. As a first generation American, Susana says, "I know I owe my freedom to military service members. It's been amazing to see the Veteran community and how close and sincere they are in taking care of each other. I'm thankful to be able to be a part of that and learn more about the Veteran culture."

Erin Cox
Employer Benefits Coordinator

Veteran, US Army. Erin found ACS through other Veterans at LSVA and NextOp. She says, "It's nice to be in a familiar atmosphere, even though we all had different experiences in the military we all get along and have a great culture. I'm happy to be able to help Vets take advantage of this opportunity."

Olga Nicoli
Executive Consultant

Civilian. Olga's son was a Marine for 8 years, she understands what it's like having a close family member in the service. She says," I came to ACS because I always enjoyed the Veteran community through my son. I have met lots of Veterans who were great people and I'm glad to do my part to provide careers to them."

Additional Staff

Krystall Mitchell
Steven White
Ramon Contreras
Andy Gaines

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