ACS provides robust services to develop, sponsor and manage Registered Apprenticeships for both local and national employers.

Overview of Program

ACS provides a variety of services to create a comprehensive workforce development strategy. These services include recruiting and supporting qualified veterans, coordinating employer-driven training, administering apprenticeship programs and facilitating government resources. At the center of the strategy, ACS sponsors a Department of Labor (DOL) registered group apprenticeship, which is also approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As the program sponsor, ACS is responsible for reporting and administrative requirements. In addition, ACS provides significant upfront credentialed training to insure baseline competency of the apprentices prior to working on any job site.

Financial Benefits

To ensure financial feasibility, ACS leverages public workforce programs and incentives. ACS acts as an intermediary by building partnerships with workforce programs and managing administrative responsibilities of the Apprenticeship. This arrangement reduces implementation challenges, the financial expense and risk associated with a workforce development program. Since its inception ACS has focused on building relationships across the nation to support any employer's needs.

Recruiting Cost (Savings)

Many of the services provided by ACS replace traditional expenses incurred by a Client. Two significant examples are recruiting and cost of training. For example, the average industrial construction firm spends between $2,500 and $4,200 to recruit and onboard a new hire while training can be an equally expensive proposition. The ACS model typically utilizes a front loaded training session that is typically 3-6 weeks in duration. This model usually exceeds the level of instruction traditionally provided to an unskilled entry level worker. Increased training assists in retention, competency and job site safety.

Human Resources

The goal of a workforce development strategy is to attract qualified people who will become knowledgeable and productive workers that support a safety culture. As an organization invests in a strategy, retention becomes a significant concern. Since ACS focuses on recruiting and training veterans, Clients benefit from an institutionalized safety mindset, strong aptitude and the retention created by a significant allowance paid to apprentices who participate in the ACS apprenticeship.


The ACS model provides significant upfront credentialed training to insure baseline competency of the apprentice, prior to on the job training. Training is designed around the standards of participating employers. Continued classroom instruction may be delivered by either ACS or an employer's instructor. ACS new hire training course is usually a 160 to 240-hour program designed to complete the requirements of the first year of apprenticeship. The program goal is to insure continuity of training and maximize comprehension of trade and safety knowledge.


ACS operates an innovative recruiting program to source significant quantities of Veterans suited to work in skilled trades. Candidates participate in a systematic process to assess aptitude and identify character traits compatible with the occupation and employers' culture. Following a series of interviews and review of military and civilian history, a committee selects qualified candidates to progress to a comprehensive evaluation process. Candidates complete a drug screen, pre-employment physical exam, background check, and are evaluated for physical capabilities under simulated workplace conditions. Additional screening may be included at an employer's request prior to admission into the apprenticeship program.


Through training and exposure to significant hazards, veterans possess institutionalized safety behaviors that reinforce a positive safety culture. A strong adherence to policies and procedures minimizes risk to both property and personnel. Veterans understand and respect the value of working in a drug-free workplace. Moral courage is a strong safeguard to ensure the workforce respects an organization’s drug policy, safety policies and procedures.

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